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What Every Warrior Needs To Hear

Jul 07, 2024

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Ever wondered how the childhood heroes we admired shaped us into who we are today?

Using the biblical passages of King David and his son Absalom, we'll explore the emotional scars that often stem from childhood. These will help illustrate how even minor incidents can leave lasting impressions, impacting our adult lives. Whether you grew up in a nurturing or challenging environment, this message will emphasize the importance of initiating the journey toward emotional recovery.

Finally, discover the essential affirmations every warrior needs to hear and the pivotal role fathers and mentors play in nurturing the next generation. From stories of courage and protection to the profound impact of paternal support, we’ll highlight the importance of verbal affirmation and affection. We'll also invite you to return to the loving embrace of our heavenly Father, affirming His unwavering love and new mercies each day.