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Loving Controlling People

Oct 16, 2023

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We're all guilty of it - the subtle pull for control, the tug of strings in our relationships. In our latest message, we're tackling the complex terrain of loving those who try to control us, drawing lessons from the narrative of Jesus and Peter in Matthew's gospel.

Peter, despite his good intentions, often attempted to impose his will, and we discuss how Jesus navigated this relationship. The emotional weapons of choice for controlling individuals are threats and guilt. It's crucial to learn how to guard your heart against these tactics, to preserve your peace and nurture healthy relationships.

The big question that many of us stumble over is: what's the purpose of your life? It's not always a grandiose mission. Sometimes, it's the everyday responsibilities and relationships that God has entrusted to you. Reflecting on the life of Jesus, His mission on earth was not always grand, but it was precisely what God destined him to do. Similarly, our purpose may lie in the mundane, yet essential aspects of our lives.

Our relationships are a significant part of our purpose. This includes our relationship with God, ourselves, and perhaps a spouse. Recognizing God's calling in our lives may require sacrifices, especially when it comes to standing firm against external voices. But remember, these sacrifices are a small price to pay for aligning with our divine purpose.

Manipulative relationships are the elephant in the room that we often avoid addressing. But it's vital to set boundaries, identify your lane in life, and, much like Jesus, stand firm against negative influences. We discuss strategies to maintain a positive focus, rather than being consumed by negativity, and how to sever ties with influences that may be hindering your progress.

Our calling is what God has put in our hands right now. As we navigate through controlling relationships and the struggles of life, let's strive to uncover our divine purpose. After all, our purpose is not merely about us, but it's about glorifying God in every aspect of our lives.