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I Believe in God but I Don't Trust Him Fully

Oct 09, 2023

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In our latest podcast episode, we dove into the liberating power of surrendering to God and finding freedom. The journey of faith is a continuous process of trust, surrender, and a profound belief in God's promises. As we navigate the highs and lows of life, it becomes evident that a life lived in faith is not only about belief but also about relinquishing control.

One of the key concepts we discussed is the idea of being a "control freak." While having control gives us a sense of safety and security, it can be problematic if we want everything our way. This often extends into our spiritual lives, with many of us finding it challenging to surrender parts of our lives to God.

Our discussion also revolved around the essence of honesty with ourselves and God. We explored how surrendering our uncertainties and apprehensions can usher us into a realm of serenity. Whether it's our financial matters or dependencies, entrusting aspects of our lives to God can be liberating and empowering. This process of letting go and finding freedom is not always easy, but it is deeply rewarding.

Jacob talked about the enduring faithfulness of God and the power of trusting Him wholeheartedly. This trust does not merely benefit us but also has the potential to positively affect future generations. We emphasized the importance of stepping into the freedom found in Jesus, and not allowing bitterness or depression to control our lives.

The journey of faith is one of continuous learning and growth. As we surrender more of our lives to God, we experience His love and faithfulness in profound ways. While this journey is not always easy, the peace and freedom we find in trusting God are worth every step. Let us continue to surrender, trust, and walk in the freedom that Jesus offers.