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I Believe in God but I Don't Go Overboard

Oct 02, 2023

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In our latest message, we grapple with some provocative questions about our faith. The discussion centers on the concept of Christian Atheism, which refers to believers who, although profess faith in God, live as if God doesn't exist. This phenomenon represents a paradox within the Christian community and is a critical issue that we explore throughout the message.

Lukewarm faith often stems from a desire to fit in or gain approval from others. In many instances, the fear of appearing too religious or devout leads believers to compromise their faith and values. This dilemma reflects the struggle of the Laodicean church, as documented in the book of Revelation. Despite believing in God, they were criticized by Jesus for their lukewarm faith and their attempts to strike a balance between living an authentic faith and not going overboard.

This message is not a critique but an exploration of the perils of lukewarm faith and how it contradicts the essence of being a Christian. It also provides practical advice on how to avoid falling into these pitfalls. The key is to remain passionate and intentional about sharing our faith, even in today's virtual world. This approach challenges the norm of complacency that is prevalent among many Christians today.

This message offers an in-depth exploration of the concept of Christian Atheism and the challenges associated with lukewarm faith. Erin encourages us to embrace a more passionate, intentional relationship with God. By inviting God into our lives, we open the door to a more faith-filled, fulfilling life.