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Walk in Faith

Mar 10, 2024

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Today, we examine grace's distinction from mercy and justice, spurring a deeper understanding of God's unmerited favor. The narrative of Adam and Eve sets the stage for our discussion, allowing us to contemplate the origins of sin and our need for grace as the bridge to God's love. As we consider the law's role in highlighting our imperfections and the redemption offered through Christ, our hearts are stirred to embrace this grace, which invites us into a life free from the chains of our past.

Walking on water is no easy feat, yet Peter's attempt and his wavering faith teach us the importance of relying on Jesus' grace when we falter. Each point in this message aims to fortify your walk in faith, encouraging an active reception of grace that leads to confidence in God's promises. Be it through the ABCs of admitting, believing, and confessing, or the empowering knowledge that we approach God's throne with boldness, we offer you a path to experience the fullness of life that Christ intends for you. Join us as we navigate these waters, and may you find the strength to call upon grace in moments of need, just as Peter did.