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Walk in Love

Mar 17, 2024

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In this message, we peel back the layers of love's surprising actions, from shouldering a friend's burdens on moving day to standing up for each other in times of trial. We discuss how grace, distinct from justice and mercy, isn't a prize for our efforts but a gift that propels us to impact our world in the most positive and profound ways.

Have you ever been struck by the 'crazy, crazy love' that drives someone to leap into action without waiting for the perfect moment? We dissect this radical love that should be the signature of our community, yet often find it conspicuously absent in places of worship. Drawing from the poignant biblical story of the pool of Bethesda, we're reminded that our ideals often starkly contrast with the grim realities some face – urging us to bridge that gap with heartfelt compassion and action.

Finally, we confront the giants of fear and trauma that can paralyze us, discussing the courage needed to battle for our marriages, dreams, and identities. Through personal narratives and a spiritual perspective, this episode encourages you to embrace the inconveniences life throws at us, seeing them as opportunities for growth and alignment with a greater purpose. To all those on the cusp of renewing or embarking on a faith journey, this conversation extends a hand of welcome, offering transformative prayer and wisdom to ignite your courage and resilience. Let's embark on this journey together, fostering fearless love and godly confidence in a world that desperately needs it.