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Who Are You?

Apr 14, 2024

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Have you ever caught yourself wondering about the silent orchestra conducting every move we make? Join us for a riveting exploration into the depths of human behavior, where together we peel back the layers of routine to reveal the profound impact of self-perception on our everyday actions. From the moment your alarm clock rings to the way you handle stress, we uncover the secondary motives—obligation, desire, and acceptance—that often influence us, leading to an eye-opening realization that it's our internal narrative that truly holds the reins.

We confront the unsettling truth about self-sabotage and how cultivating a positive self-identity is crucial to breaking free from the chains of destructive habits. It's an intimate discussion on spiritual warfare and the transformative journey towards embracing a life centered around Jesus's teachings.

We reimagine Jesus's journey in the cacophonous arena of the modern world, with social media at his fingertips and a legion of followers hanging on every parable. Yet, even amidst this playful scenario, we home in on the serenity of Jesus's communion with God. Wrapping up, we extend an invitation to those feeling the tug of a deeper faith, providing a prayer of commitment as we celebrate each step taken towards healing and freedom through embracing our spiritual identity in Christ.