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Break The Cycle That's Breaking Your Life

Apr 28, 2024

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Have you ever tripped over a pair of shoes on the stairs, only to realize they're your own? It's a small, almost laughable moment that uncovers a deeper truth about the habits cluttering our journey to personal growth. 

We all know starting a new habit can feel like an uphill battle, while indulging in a harmful one can be all too easy. This message is where we break down that struggle, sharing the all-too-familiar tug-of-war between the instant gratification of negative patterns and the rewarding, yet often delayed, satisfaction of positive change. 

We also tackle the crucial yet challenging task of identifying and eliminating the triggers that tether us to these destructive cycles. We dive into the common triggers—places, times, moods, moments, and people—that can lead us astray. We speak about the transformative power of faith, especially in the wake of a local tragedy that brought to light the secret struggles many face.