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How to Not Be Stressed Out

Feb 18, 2024

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Ever had a decision-making meltdown under stress? We've all been there. Join us as we unravel the "big three"—time, work, and money—and how faith can redefine them from stress triggers into sources of joy. We're talking about the Prodigal Son, not just as a biblical lesson, but as a real-life guide to navigating our relationships with time and money, and avoiding those less-than-stellar life choices we're all too familiar with.

Feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day is a stress symptom we unpack in this message. Discover how grounding ourselves in the present and aligning our priorities with faith can bring about a sense of calm amidst chaos. And if your wallet's feeling light and your soul's feeling heavy, we'll share tips for financial peace that infuse your life with generosity and purpose, without waiting for that next paycheck to dictate your happiness.

Lastly, we cast a spotlight on the workplace—how can our daily grind inspire and fulfill us? Whether you're in a cubicle or behind the counter, we discuss transforming your 9-to-5 into a calling. It's a conversation filled with personal insights, biblical wisdom, and a prayerful pause that just might change your perspective on life's stressors.