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A Matter of the Heart

Feb 04, 2024

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As we navigate the intricate dance of human connection, we'll share with you the essence of conflict resolution, financial harmony, and the intimacy that solidifies our bonds. Picture the ancient priest carrying the names of his people close to their heart, just as we carry our life stories within us, influencing every choice we make. Jacob talks about his own struggle with feelings of inadequacy and how he emerged from under that shadow, hoping to inspire you to heal and grow as well.

This series promises to be more than just a listening experience; it's an interactive guide to personal transformation. As we peel back the layers of pain and purpose through the story of Terah and Abraham, we discover that our past traumas don't have to define our future. Jacob also shares how mentorship within our community can reshape the identities of our youth, allowing them to see God and themselves in a new light. It's about developing a heart that prioritizes divine definition over societal noise.

Whether you are taking your first steps towards faith or rekindling an old flame, know that transformation is not a distant dream but a present possibility. Let's affirm together that extraordinary relationships and spiritual revival are within our grasp, at any stage of life.