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The Gratitude Challenge

Published on Nov 19, 2023

Are you ready to transform your outlook on life? We promise that this episode will help you do just that, by cultivating an attitude of gratitude. We start by challenging you to write down what you're thankful for, inspired by Psalm 100:4, and shift your perspective to see your life through a lens of thankfulness. We explore how this act of gratitude can deepen our faith, by encouraging us to return our praises to God, not just for His blessings, but as an expression of heartfelt thanks for His deeds in our life.We take our exploration of gratitude a step further by uncovering its role in deepening our faith. We open up about the different levels of faith and how a grateful heart can strengthen them, using the story of the ten lepers as a prime example. We also delve into the immense benefits of laughter, play, and kindness, emphasizing how they can create positive changes and improve our well-being. So, get ready to laugh, play, and be kind!