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The Dark Side

Published on Nov 12, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the potential transformative power of scripture in your daily life? Today, we had the pleasure of hosting Pete Stansbury, who offers profound insights on this matter, and shared a passage from Matthew 11 that sparked intriguing revelations. Imagine a well-played song; its beauty, its rhythm, its power. Now think of scripture as similar, and the act of remembering it as dancing to that song. Drawing inspiration from Psalms 19 and 139, Pete helps us see these verses as powerful prayers, deepening our connection to the divine.Do you find the call of solitude daunting? We journeyed into the wilderness, examining how solitude, much like Jesus' baptism and his time in isolation, can forge a potent spiritual weapon. Pete’s insights reveal how these moments of solitude can bolster us against spiritual warfare. The enemy might try to disrupt our moments of peace, but with scripture as our shield, we stand strong, fortified. Together we've explored the significance of the scripture in everyday life, and the tranquility that prayer and the Holy Spirit brings to our battles.Pete also helped us navigate the deeper meaning of taking every thought captive in the context of Philippians 4:6-7. But how do we live out this scripture in our daily lives? Our discussion centered around this question. So, come join us, as we venture on our spiritual journey together, dancing to the rhythmic cadence of the scripture.