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I Believe in God but I Don't Go Overboard

Published on Oct 01, 2023

What if, as Christians, we've been living our faith all wrong? What if our attempts to fit in and seek approval from others are causing us to compromise our values? This message explores these questions through a deep dive into the concept of Christian Atheism - a term used to describe believers who live as if God doesn't exist.Erin discusses the pitfalls of a lukewarm Christian life and how it can be an oxymoron when used to describe a follower of Christ. More importantly, we'll discuss how to avoid falling into these pitfalls, and how to remain passionate and intentional about sharing our faith, even in a virtual world.As we explore these concepts, we pray that God will meet you on your journey, challenge you, and inspire you to live a more faith-filled life. A life lived passionately trusting God.