My Purpose Aligned​ | Uphill Habits

Pastor Jacob continued the “Uphill Habits” series this week focusing on another important habit we should develop: controlling our thoughts. Everything begins with a thought, and we will never change our lives or get our purpose aligned until we change the way we think. What we think not only determines how we feel but also determine our destiny. We are where we are because our thoughts have brought us here. We have to be intentional with our thoughts if we are going to get where we want to go.

There are practical steps we can take to master the habit of controlling our thoughts. The first step is to find a plan to control our thoughts, reading the Bible, and making time for renewal. Next, we need to find a place to think our thoughts and set a time for daily conversation with God. Finally, we need to live out our purpose by opening our lives to the power of the Holy Spirit. His thoughts are much greater than ours, and we need His thoughts in order to accomplish the purpose He has for our lives. We must agree with God’s thoughts about us so that we can win the battle in our minds. When we align our thoughts with His and receive His truth and power, we can walk out the divine purpose for which He created us.

You can watch My Purpose Aligned in the video below, or scroll down further to listen to it on podcast.

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