Choose Wisely | Uphill Habits

Nick closes out our Uphill Habits series with a message about how to choose relationships wisely. You are where you are because of who has been in your life. This means your relationship decisions are some of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. Relationships take work. You don’t just fall into good relationships – you have to really develop them in order to realize the benefit of your relationships.

If that sounds intimidating, watch this message as Nick gives us 4 practical steps on how to choose relationships wisely. He also includes three important relationships that, if we don’t have them yet, we need to get them in our lives.

You can watch Choose Wisely in the video below, or scroll down further to listen to it on podcast.

City Lights Church is a contemporary Christian church located in the northwestern part of Richmond, VA and is a part of the Vineyard USA network and an ARC family member.

We hope you enjoy this week’s message