In this message from Sunday, February 2, 2020, Pastor Jacob talked about how our lives may have challenges, but we can see victory in Jesus.

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Hey there,  and welcome to the City Lights Podcast. City Lights is a church located in the northwestern part of Richmond, Virginia. For more information about City Lights you can visit us at Now, enjoy today’s message.

I am so happy to be with you guys today. It is week two of City lights. Hey, people came back. Wow. How crazy is that? You know, we didn’t scare them away. That’s good. I’m so glad that you’re here with us today. If it is your first time. My name is Jacob. I’m on the team here at City Lights, and we’re just so thankful that you have come out that you’re a part and that you’re here. We’re excited for today. It is Super Bowl Sunday. It kind of feels like a holiday, doesn’t it? You know, it pretty much is. You think so? I mean, you got parties going on. People buying food, drink, celebration. We are rooting for the 49ers in the Gaines family. Someone said boo. You know there are no real Chiefs fans. I’m just trying to think, who even lives in Kansas City. 

Because it’s the Super Bowl. I’m not gonna keep you in here long with my message today because I want you to get home. If you’re hosting people or you’re going to people’s house. We want you to have fun and get there. But I do want to add today we are starting City Lights Plus. City Lights Plus is our membership type class. So if you want to know more about City Lights, if you want to know more about how we run as a church, kind of how do we operate, and if you want to know more, how can you be a part. See at City Lights Church, at City Lights Plus, we truly believe that it will help you discover your purpose. Like we truly believe that. We think the two best days, the two best days in your life, is the day that were born and the day that you discover why you were born. You know, those are two important things and we believe City Lights Plus will help you figure out why you are here. What’s your purpose. That’s what the whole class is about. Helping you discover your purpose. That will happen immediately after service. So the way it’s gonna work is right after service, everyone who wants to stay for City Lights Plus, you would just move to the back section and I’m actually gonna teach from that first foyer up there, and we’ll have snacks and drinks and stuff like that for you. And if you brought kids, do not worry, your kids will move. If you have kids that were in the K through fifth room, we’re gonna move them over to the nursery to pre K room and we’ll have snacks and we’ll play a movie in there for them. Okay, so we want to make sure that you can stay. And here’s the best part. I don’t know, maybe you’ve been to membership classes before, and they’re like, three hours long and just that you’re dreading it each second that you’re there. This class is 30 minutes long. It’s quick, and we’re just gonna talk about the church. So we’d love for you to come out that immediately – everyone say immediately – immediately after service.  

All right. So let me pray, and then we’ll go right into our message. So let’s pray. God, we thank you so much for today. God, we thank you for what you’re doing here. And, God, we pray that you speak to every single person in this room. God that you would give them exactly what they need to hear. Maybe you’re in here and you’re dealing with some insecurities, dealing with some fears, looking for some hope. Maybe you got a lot of good things going for you, but you’re trying to figure out your reason, your purpose, still. God, we pray that you speak to every single person, and you remind them how much you love them and how much you care for them. And God we do lift up a special prayer for Jimmy G in the San Francisco 49ers in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Amen. Some people said I’m never coming back to this church after that. So it’s okay. We don’t need you here. I’m joking. I’m joking. I’m joking. That was a joke.

If you are taking notes are following along on the screen. You can title this message: The Winning Team, The Winning Team. Now, I just want some people in here to know that you are a part of the winning team. You are not on the JV team. You’re not on the team that barely makes it. You’re on the winning team. And the reason why you’re on the winning team is not just because you’re super extraordinary, even though you are awesome. The reason why you’re on the winning team is because of the person who is on your team. And the person who is on your team was not drafted number one, was not selected first. The person on your team faced so much adversity, faced so much trial, so many difficulties, yet even though all the troubles and challenges he faced, he still held on to the purpose that God had for his life, and he held on to that purpose so much that he loved the unlovable. He healed the sick. He took care of the poor. And even though he was sinless, he went to the cross and took our place on the cross. But three days later, he rose from the grave. You’re on the winning team because Jesus is on your team. Jesus is on your team. But there’s always a big but – a big but that gets in the way, and that but is this – and I don’t know about you, maybe it’s just me – sometimes life does not feel like I’m on a winning team. Can I be honest today? Sometimes it does not feel like my everyday life when things are happening it doesn’t feel like I’m on the winning team, no matter who’s on my team, right? Things happen. Things are challenging.

I remember one time that I signed up for a team event (kind of a team event), and I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t think I was gonna win. And that thing I signed up for was called the Rugged Maniac. All right. Oh, there’s me. There’s us. Okay, So the Rugged Maniac, if you don’t know, maybe you’re in here and you do CrossFit, stuff like that. The Rugged Maniac is a three mile race with over 20 obstacles in the mud. All right, now when my friend first told me about this, he was a “Hey, we should do it.” And I was like, “Yeah, sign me up. I’m in. I’m all about it. Yeah, Let’s do it. Come on.” I was doing insanity at that time. Remember insanity? You get the abs. My abs never came. Okay, so I’m still looking for them. I look for them in a bucket of chicken, so that’s probably not where you find abs. So we started getting closer to the event, and then I saw on the website, I said, “what are we actually doing at this rugged maniac?” There’s mud, there’s people army crawling underneath barbed wire. You’re jumping over fire, and I’m like “What did I sign myself up for? Isn’t life dangerous enough? Then they have to add these obstacles to it?” But here’s the worst part not only did I sign myself up. I signed my wife up to do it with me, so now she has to do it. But Erin, she’s straight. She’s good. She’s hitting the gym. She was working out. She was like, “Oh, mud, barbed wire, fire? Easy.” I’m like, “Yeah, it’s easy.” You know, I’m trying to be a man but it didn’t work. She’s feeling all confident about the race and I’m acting confident. But then inside I’m like, “I don’t want to jump over the fire,” you know, like, why fire? You know, I’m scared, you know? But there’s this one obstacle in particular that I wasn’t really looking forward to, and it was called The Rings of Death. Actually I don’t know if that’s the name of it. That’s just what I named it because that’s how it made me feel. I wasn’t looking forward to it. This obstacle you have these rings that are hanging, and there’s a mud pit underneath it, and you gotta swing from one ring to the next. Now a couple things. A couple problems here. First of all, in school, I was never good at the monkey bars, You know, always fell, got the wind knocked out of me. Ouch. And second thing, there’s a mud water pit underneath me, and I can’t swim, you know? So I’m thinking to myself, this is it. This is how I’m going to die, you know? This will be the end of me right here, you know? So that’s happening. So leading into the Rugged Maniac. Me and a couple of guys who were doing the race, we went to this trampoline place called Cloud Nine down in Newport News to practice the rings. And so both my friends, they kill it. They do a great job. So I’m like, “Maybe it’s not that hard,” you know, maybe it’s not as hard as I thought. So I grabbed the ring then I go to jump and swing to the next ring. And as I grab the ring, my hand begins to get loose. And then all of a sudden, my hand busts open. I start bleeding. Yep. And I fall into the foam pit. Think about that next time you take your kids and one those trampoline places. And as I’m falling into the foam pit, I’m thinking to myself, “Wow, this is a future glimpse of what’s gonna happen. But next time, it’s not gonna be soft foam is gonna be mud and dirt and water and death.” That’s what I’m thinking, you know. So we get there. We finally go, I’m feeling good. I’m killing it, doing the thing. We’re all having a great time doing it. And then eventually we get to the rings of death, and I stand at the ledge and I first let my friend Parker go. He does it that my friend Jon goes and he does it. The Erin’s behind me, and she’s like, “Babe, you got this. You can do it, go for it.” And then I look back at her and I say, “You don’t want to see me like this. Just look around. Don’t look at me do this right now.” Then thought to myself, “Wow, there’s a lot of other buff looking dudes around. Don’t look around. Just close your eyes for this segment because I don’t want you to see me falling and you’re looking at…Just close your eyes.” Then I go to do the ring and I just have this moment I say, “Here it goes. I just got to go for it. I grab the ring and then I swing. I reach out my hand and I begin to grab the other ring and the tip of my finger grabs it and I don’t grip it and my hand begins to fall. And I’m like oh, shoot. Then, like a miracle – I can’t make this up – there’s only one other time in history that this was recorded that this happened. This happened in the movie Space Jam with Michael Jordan, when his arm grew longer and he was able to slam dunk it. I swear I can’t make this up. My arm grew longer and then all of sudden I reached out and grabbed the other ring, then I grabbed the other one. Then I grabbed it and I hit the landing and I made it past the rings of death. That’s me thinking to myself, “Oh my gosh, I did it.” That’s literally what I’m thinking in that moment right there. But I made it, right? I made it past the rings of death, and I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a little bit of a better picture of how life really is, right? Life is not some easy victory. I win and it’s always good. Life is tough. Life hits hard, doesn’t it?

Life is not like some garden and some rainbows and pretty pretty pony pictures everywhere. And you just see unicorns flying around. That’s not life. Life hits hard. And sometimes it makes you want to give up, doesn’t it? It makes you wonder how can I make it? And for some of you, you may even have a hard time with Christianity because you have been taught that if you give your life to Jesus, you don’t have any more problems. You may have been taught by some prosperity, televangelist, or someone like that, that “If you do this, then you’re good. No more issues for your life.” Or maybe you grew up in a faith community where you were believing for miracles to happen, but if a miracle didn’t happen it wasn’t because you didn’t have enough faith to make it happen. I don’t know where you came from, but I’m gonna tell you this: in the Bible, it never promises that life is gonna be easy. We can look to see what Jesus says, right?  

Check it out, Jesus says this in John 16. He says, “I have told you these things so that you may have peace.” But why would we need peace? Because in this world, you will have trouble. That’s what Jesus says. Some people are like, “dang, I came to church today for you to let me know that my life is gonna have trouble? Dang. That ain’t that encouraging.” But check out the next part. Jesus says, “but take heart. I have overcome the world.” See, if we’re living a biblical worldview with our lives. We will not be shocked when life hits us hard. We won’t be surprised. Which leads me to my starting point.

My starting point today is this: My life has challenges. My life as challenges. Maybe you’re in here today and you’re dealing with some challenges in your marriage. Maybe you’re dealing with some challenges at your workplace. Maybe you’re a student in here and you’re dealing with some challenges with schoolwork and peer pressure and things like that. Maybe you’re dealing with some challenges in your finances. My life has challenges. But my destination point today is this: But I can see victory in Jesus. I can see victory in Jesus. See, there’s a hope for victory in the challenges that you face, and it’s in Jesus.

Now there’s a story in Luke’s gospel that I want to follow, and I think it does a good job at highlighting what we actually see when challenges come in our lives. Okay, what we actually see because, you know, one big thing that we want to do at City Lights Church is this: we want to be authentic. We want you to be able to bring your whole self to church. You know, I think sometimes one of most fake places that you can be on a Sunday morning is church. I want people to be able to bring their whole selves to church. Be honest, be authentic. And so this story shows, in my opinion, what we really see when challenges come in our life. So check this out. Luke 19 starting in verse 1 it says this, “Jesus entered Jericho and he was passing through.” I want you to keep that in your head. He was passing through. “A man was there by the name of Zacchaeus, he was a chief tax collector, and he was wealthy.”

Now before we move on with the rest of this story, there’s a few things I want to highlight – keep it in your head. Jesus, he entered Jericho, and he was just to pass through. He entered Jericho just to pass through. He had no appointments, no plans, no obligations in Jericho. He was passing through. He was actually passing through Jericho. To go to Bethany me because in Bethany would eventually lead to the Passover, which would eventually lead to his death on the cross. He’s just passing through. And while he’s passing through, there’s a man there and his name is Zacchaeus, and he was a chief tax collector and he was wealthy. A couple things to highlight here. His name is Hebrew. Zacchaeus is a Hebrew name, so Zacchaeus is a Jewish man. This is important to note. He’s a Jewish man, yet he’s a chief – in charge, running the show, I love it when you call me Big Papa – tax collector, and he’s wealthy.  

Now the gospel writer clearly tells us that Zacchaeus is a notorious thug. Now how do we know that he’s a thug? Because in that day, tax collectors were not the people who were standing outside the street with the Statue of Liberty signs and stuff like that. You ever see those people? Tax collectors in that day, well, they were bad men. They were tough. It meant that you worked for the Roman government, and you taxed the Jewish people. And being a tax collector, you could tax people whatever you felt was necessary. So tax collectors were known for being greedy – for taking advantage of the little man. Now Zacchaeus is a chief tax collector. He’s in charge. He’s a man in charge. He was greedy. He was mean. He was selfish. He was nasty. And the craziest part: He was oppressing his own people. He oppressing his own people.

But check out this next part. Verse 3 says Zacchaeus wanted to see who Jesus was, but because he was short – dang, the Bible gonna put him on blast like that – because he was short, he could not see over the crowd. Wait, wait, wait, wait. What? I thought he was a notorious thug, running the town, wealthy, chief tax collector Zacchaeus. But he was short? And he couldn’t see? See behind all the titles, behind all the accolades, behind all the stuff that we do, sometimes there’s a person in us that feels too short and that we can achieve what we really are meant to be. This is where we see Zacchaeus. He had life challenges. And isn’t it interesting that you can have a lot of stuff but feel completely empty. Isn’t it even crazier that you can achieve a lot of things with your life professionally, but still feel like you haven’t discovered why you’re here.  

By the world’s standards, you can be on the winning team. But inside you feel like you’re losing. When you look around, you feel like you’re not winning. And if I can be honest in church today – because if I can’t be honest here, I guess I’ll go to a bar or something like that, but hopefully we can be honest in church, you know – if I can be honest in church, oftentimes when my life has challenges, Jesus is not the first person I look to you. “Oh, he’s the pastor and he said he don’t look to Jesus when life hits?” It’s not the first thing I often do. Often I looked towards other things. I think I’m more like Zacchaeus in the story than anyone else. Opposition, problems, come and I can’t see above the crowd. I can’t see what’s happening. He has everything that the world would say is good: power, wealth, status. Yet he’s looking for something and he cannot see it.

Which leads me to ask you this question today. It leads me to ask you this: Where is your life positioned? Where have you positioned your life and what do you see? Because wherever you are positioned, that’s what you will see. I think there’s two things we see from Zacchaeus when life throws its difficult challenges. I think when life throws us difficult challenges, the two things that happen to us, we see our insecurities and then once we see our insecurities, we see our opposition. We see things that are in our way. My life has challenges; we have victory in Jesus, but instead of seeing Jesus, I see all of my insecurities. Instead of seeing Jesus, I see all the opposition. And I’m gonna tell you something about insecurities, though, insecurities will completely ruin your purpose if you allow it to. Completely ruin your purpose.

And what do I mean by insecurities? Am I’m just talking about people who are shy and kind of soft spoken and, you know, they seem like they don’t know how to interact. No, no, that’s a form of insecurity. But what I’m really talking about insecurity, I’m talking about people who may have a lot, may do a lot, but you’re just masking all that stuff to deny how you feel inside. See, the definition of insecurity is this: it’s uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence. You can have everything in the world but still lack a lot of confidence. You can have everything that the world says you need, but be filled with anxiety and stress. See, but on the inside have a lot of lack in confidence. And I think one of the things that Jesus does, Jesus is not interested in just on the outside of your life. I think Jesus is far more interested in the condition of your heart. Like, where is your heart at? I think Jesus is interested in that. Jesus even says, because out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. And the reason why Jesus said that because you can change things externally, but if you never change things internally, you’ll go back to the things that you never want to do. See the reason why so many of us keep find ourselves doing the things that we said we’ll never, ever do again is because we are trying to make things different on the outside without addressing the inside. And I want you to know what is your insight. What do you see on the inside of you? Because what you see on the inside of you will determine where you will position your life for what God has for you. I think God is interested in your inside. He wants to know what’s going on in the inside of you and again this is very clear to know, Jesus says in this life, you will have trouble. Take heart. I have overcome the world.

Jesus, he is an intimate God. He’s intimate. He’s not a performance-based God. He’s not a God that if you do this and do that, that’s called religion and religion will keep making you want to do more to think that you could earn God’s love. I got some good news for you today. There’s nothing more you can do to earn God’s love than just being you. He loves you for who you are. He cares for you. Before he knew you, the Bible says, that he went to the cross for you. There’s nothing more that you can do to make God love you. He has grace for your life, and that’s the crazy thing about this whole thing, man. I think the crazy thing is we’re such performance-based people, it’s hard to believe that God can love me when I do nothing. God can love me just for who I am, and here’s one the best parts of that. He loves you just how you are. But he loves you way too much to let you stay that way, too.

Let’s have some fun with Zacchaeus. I’m getting off track a little bit. Let’s have some fun with Zacchaeus. Even though the Bible doesn’t give us a clear description of the young life of Zacchaeus, let’s just assume because he’s a short guy; probably looks a little bit like Danny DeVito. He don’t have all the looks in the world. Short people can be good looking, too. Okay. Never mind. Let’s just assume at P.E., No one picks Zacchaeus for dodgeball. Let’s just assume he was overlooked. Not only was he not picked for dodgeball, the people through the dodge balls at Zacchaeus. Then Zacchaeus said, man, I’m going to get back at them one day. And he just worked. He worked himself so hard he got in good with the Roman government. He worked. He said know what? Now look, I’m on top. I’m Zacchaeus. I’m taxing you. You ain’t gonna throw a dodgeball at me anymore, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. I don’t know what that popped in my head. What’s wrong with me? Okay.

You can see that that insecurity turned into his passion to be smart and to be good in with the Roman government. And then what ends up happening is we see that his life brings him to a place of false security. If I just have this status, this money, this position, then I’m good. But if he’s good, let me just throw this out here. If his life is good, then why’s he trying to see who Jesus is? Why is he trying to see over the crowd? And maybe you can relate to this: challenges, difficulties come up in your life, and instead of dealing with it, you just take on more hours at work. Instead of working things out with the people you care the most about you just trying to make more money, and maybe you can just buy happiness. Many of us, that’s how addictions happen. This is something I can control until I can’t control it anymore. My life has challenges, and all I see is my insecurity and the problem with insecurities: They easily become our identity.

Notice this in the Bible, it says he wanted to see who Jesus was. Now, even though wealthy tax collectors had heard about Jesus, he heard the stories of the miracles that Jesus was doing, the lives that were being changed. And here’s the thing you can present to the world the image you want to be known for, but one truth that we all have in common: At the end of the day when we go to bed, it’s our thoughts and God. Whether you believe in God or not, at the end of the day, you have your thoughts and what you think about yourself and how you feel. And there was something about Jesus that sparked something in Zacchaeus that maybe if I just see him, maybe if I just see him this insecurity, this false security may go away.   

I’m about to close with this. See Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, but because he was short, he could not see over the crowd, and his shortness was an outward description of how he felt about himself on the inside. I want you to see this. I want to see this. Zacchaeus you have wealth, but I feel short. Zacchaeus you have power. But I can’t really see. Zacchaeus you have status; by the world’s standards, you’re on the winning team. You got it. Yeah, but I still feel short. I feel empty. My life has challenges and all I can see is my insecurity and my insecurity has convinced me that that’s my identity. And since this is my identity then this is all I will ever be, I’ll just be this person. I’ll just be stuck in that problem. I’ll just be stuck in that issue. I’ll be stuck in that fear because that’s just who I am, right? That’s all you’ll be. No matter what you achieve or you don’t achieve, you’ll feel like you aren’t on the winning team because my insecurity, well, my insecurity brings to reality all the opposition that I feel. Here is Zacchaeus, he can’t see Jesus. He’s too short. He’s been told that his whole life, and now he has a decision to make. Now he has a decision to make. He either sees his insecurity and allows his insecurity to take over. And now his opposition is in the way. Or he can do something crazy. Or he could do something crazy. And I think in order to experience all that God has for your life, you have to be willing to do something crazy for God. You have to be willing to risk it all on God. When I think of the word faith, the way I spell faith, is R I S K. It’s a risk. You gotta risk it all on God. You got to believe it. And I can picture Zacchaeus, he’s blinded by the crowd; Jesus passing through; he’s passing through Jericho. There’s thousands of people around him. There’s so many people trying to press and touch and be near Jesus. And here is Zacchaeus, this short man, and he knows that Jesus is in the middle of this crowd, but he can’t see him. He can’t see him. He can’t see him above the people, beyond the people. He can’t see Jesus beyond all the distractions and all the fears and all the worries and all the doubts. And maybe you’re in here today and you feel like Zacchaeus, and you’re trying to see Jesus. You’re looking for hope. You’re looking for something better in your life, but you got so many stuff all around you that you can’t see him. But Zacchaeus does something crazy. Verse 4 says, “so he ran ahead and climbed a fig tree to see him. Since Jesus was coming that way.” Hold on. Zacchaeus is a man of power. In that culture, in that day, men with power did not run to anybody. People ran to them, but men of power didn’t run to anyone. He’s a proper man. He didn’t run. But Zacchaeus made a decision that his status was not more important than his miracle. That his status is not more important than his miracle. And not only did my man run to the spot ahead of the spot, he climbed a tree. He’s not a boy scout. But he climbed a tree.

What’s he doing? In order to see Jesus, to see the victory of Jesus in your life, you may have to position your life to see Jesus. In order to see this victory, you may have to change your position. Zacchaeus is on the top of this tree, and then the craziest thing happens. Verse 5, “When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house.” I must stay at your house. But I thought Jesus was just passing through. I thought Jesus had other plans, but Jesus stops. He looks to him, not only that, he calls him by name. You may be in here today, and this may be you’re a treetop moment where you position your life to maybe see something better – to see more clearly. And I want to encourage you today: Jesus stops, and he looks to you. He looks to you right now, right where you are. Knowing everything that you bring into this room today, knowing all the fears and doubts and insecurities, he stops and he looks towards you. And here’s the best part. He doesn’t look at you and say, “Hey, you up there,” he calls you by name. He calls you by name, and then he invites himself into your house. And you better have those buffalo wings ready because I’m hungry. Wait, Jesus was hungry. Jesus don’t eat Buffalo wings. Maybe he does.

“He came down at once and welcomed him gladly. All the people saw this, and they began to mutter, ‘He has gone to be a guest of a sinner.’ ” I love that Jesus always loved to hang out with people who were far from God. If City Lights ever becomes a church where it’s just for people who go to church and just for church people, that’s a church I don’t want to be a part of. I want to be a part of a church that’s reaching people who are far from God, people who feel like they don’t have it together. People who are struggling, people who have doubt, who has skepticism. My hope is a City Lights will be a safe place for people to explore their faith, so they can see that there is a Jesus that has victory for their lives. “But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, ‘Look, Lord, here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.’ Jesus says to him, ‘Today salvation has come to this house because this man, too, is the son of Abraham. For the son of man came to seek and save what was lost.’ “

Friends, your life will have challenges. I think it’s good that we just got that out of the way. Hey, don’t be surprised when unexpected things happened. Your life will have challenges. But Jesus said he came to seek and save what was lost. He pursues you. He goes after you. He fights for you. He’s not a passive God, but he’s strong and mighty in power. And he goes after you. And then the best part: He stays with you. He’s intimate and close. The Bible says that he went to the cross – check this out – for the joy set before him. And the joy was not the pain of the cross. The joy was that because of the cross, you can now be in relationship with God. So when your life has challenges, when they come, you can see that you have victory in the hope of Jesus.   

Bow your heads with me let’s pray. God, we thank you. We thank you that we have victory in you. I just feel right now: There’s some people here that that word victory sounds so far for them. It sounds so far distant. Victory does not feel close to you at all. So Holy Spirit, come right now. Holy spirit, move in that moment right now. Come, Holy Spirit. Bring peace right now, in the name of Jesus. Bring hope. I even feel like there’s people that you are in your Zacchaeus moment. You have climbed the tree and you’re looking for Jesus. And Jesus says he stops and he looks for you. He sees you. He sees you more clearly. I love that. Jesus says, “Hey, you don’t gotta hang in the tree. Actually, come down. Be near me.” I feel like there’s some people that Jesus is saying he wants to be near you. And even this topic of insecurity, playing for the wrong team, feeling like I don’t have what it takes, God I just pray for healing right now. These people that have insecurities because of an old marriage that went wayward. You’re having insecurities from even words that were spoken over you in your childhood, or in your youth and God is saying you are not those things. You’re not those things. You’re wonderfully and fearfully made in His image. So God, we thank you that your promise is true. You may be in here today and you never made a decision to trust Jesus with your life. Or maybe you have, but you kind of walked away. Life got in the way; challenges came up and you saw other things. If you’re in here and you want make a decision to trust Jesus with your life, I just want you to shoot your hand up in the air. I’m not gonna call you out, not have you come up front. Nothing like that. I just want to see who I’m praying for. So you can just shoot your hand up right in the air. I’m gonna count to three, and on three if that’s you, if you want to make a decision to trust Jesus with your life or recommit your life back to Jesus, just shoot your hand up in the air. One, two, three. If that’s you, just shoot your hand up in the air. I see you, all across this room. Bless you. He looks to you. He’s looking to you right now. Bless you. If you will just pray this prayer with me, you can pray it to yourself or you can speak it out loud. You can just say: Jesus, forgive me for my sin. Make me new. Today, I follow you. Today, I trust you. In Jesus name. Amen.

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