In this message, Pastor Jacob talked about how we don’t need more self-confidence but we must cultivate God-confidence.

City Lights Church is a contemporary Christian church located in the northwestern part of Richmond, VA. City Lights Church is a part of the Vineyard USA network and an ARC family member.


Well, welcome to City Lights. My name is Jacob, and I’m on the team here.

I have a question for you. Have you ever got a haircut and you just felt so unconfident after you got the cut? I mean, who’s ever had a bad haircut? You know what I’m talking about? Who’s ever had a bad haircut? And it messed up your confidence. Hey, drop a message below. Say, yeah, that’s been me in the comments, or maybe you never had a bad haircut, maybe you don’t have hair. But there’s something about having a bad haircut that can just make you feel so unconfident. That can just make you feel like you’re having a hard time for the rest of the day.

The truth is this though, things can happen to us externally, and totally mess us up on our confidence internally. The external things have a way of impacting how we feel internally. So if you’re taking notes today you can title part three of our Stay Positive series, Three Truths to Build Your Confidence. Come on, man, that sounds good.

See, life is filled with awkward, uncomfortable moments right now. And it can make you feel kind of unconfident; it can make you feel like you don’t have a lot of confidence. You know, I don’t know about you but going to the grocery store right now is extremely awkward like it makes me feel so weird every time I go to the grocery store, you know? Because if you’re there and you aren’t wearing a mask, which I guess is mandatory now, but if you aren’t wearing a mask, the people who are wearing a mask are looking at you. They’re like, “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?” If you are wearing a mask or maybe for me only if I am wearing a mask, I’m thinking other people are thinking that I have the the Rona, but I don’t have it, I’m just wearing the mask and trying to protect people or something, you know, it’s always awkward when you go to the to the checkout counter at the grocery store and you got to put your card in or use your Apple Pay but you still got to put your PIN code in. You’re like, “Ah, man, like, am I gonna touch this and touch the Rona?”

You know, it’s awkward, and it can make you feel unconfident. It can make you feel like you don’t know what to do. Life is filled with these awkward moments that make you second guess, that make you question what you’re doing, and can mess up your confidence.

Now, having confidence is very important. In order to stay positive, it’s very important to have confidence. Now I think the reason why negativity, negative people, and negative events can bother us so much is because of lack of confidence. Like negative people, negative things can get to us because we lack courage. Negativity, negative people, and negative events push on the buttons of our insecurities. I mean, they push them, they jab them.

So we all lack confidence to some degree. We all deal with it. We all deal with insecurities but most of our bad habits or bad decisions are rooted in insecurities and wanting approval. So here’s a good example of how insecurities can play out. Here’s a good example of it: when all this stuff first started to go down when it was going down a couple months ago, I went to the hardware store Pleasant’s not far from my house. And while I was in line, I all of a sudden, the worst things ever, man, I all of a sudden, like just started getting this itch in my throat. And I had to start coughing everywhere. Like I’m just coughing, I try to hold it and holding in a cough and your face is all red and stuff. I’m just, I’m coughing. Like I could not stop coughing at all. And here I am, I’m in line. I got people in front of me, people behind me, people at the register. And I swear everybody, every single person at this store was looking at me. And in my head I’m like, “Oh my gosh, this is horrible. They’re all probably thinking I got the rona, but I don’t I promise you. I just choked on my spit.” You know, I’m justifying my own cough to myself, not out loud, but to myself. And I feel so awkward. I feel so insecure. Like as I’m making all these excuses, I’m justifying my coughing attack. And I’m just trying to get out of this place as soon as possible. It was horrible. It was absolutely horrible. Even when I checked out the guy was like taking steps away from me. I promise. I promise I’m not sick.

But I think this is how our confidence can feel. I think this is how insecurities can feel. When we’re put in tough situations, or when life events happen, when those things push our insecurity buttons, they can make us we start making excuses on why we’re not where we are, where we want to be, or why this thing happened or why that thing happened. We justify our own actions if they’re bad habits, or wrong doings, you know, we feel like people are judging us. You know, we give all this power to people who really aren’t even thinking about us and we, which is also another thing, another thing on insecurity: you think more people are thinking about you than what they really are thinking about. And you start talking about yourself, you feel like you’re a problem. That’s what insecurities feel like.

See, insecurities played a big part in my life. Even to this day, if I’m being honest. Remember, here at City Lights we like to bring our whole selves to church, you know, I don’t like to candy coat and make it look like I’m some grand oompa loompa Christian because I’m a pastor, but I have insecurities. Too many of them. A lot of them.

And they still, to this day, play a negative impact on my life. Like, you know, for me some of the biggest insecurities I had, I didn’t learn how to read until I was like 12 years old, you know, so I always struggled with education, I always struggle and even to this day, I have hard time at pronouncing certain words. And even when I’m preaching that’s the constant thing that’s running through my mind feeling like I’m not saying the words correctly, or my grammar is bad or, you know, things like that, you know, and that triggers these feelings of feeling dumb which I felt for the majority of my life, I felt like just dumb and inadequate for most of my life. You know, so as I’m preaching, you guys may like my preaching, but honestly, there’s a lot of stuff that I’m feeling while I’m preaching. Just to let you guys know. But even now as a pastor, in this condition, I see what other pastors are doing, how other pastors are leading their congregation, and I’m thinking to myself, maybe I’m not doing enough, maybe we need to do more. I mean, maybe we need to serve more and give more and do all this, you know, and all these insecurities come.

And let’s be honest, every single one of us deals with a lack of confidence. We deal with this lack of confidence, and we all lack confidence. Insecurities manifest in at least three types of people that I noticed. So here’s what I’ve noticed. And you may be able to relate to one or more of these. You got the people pleaser, you know who that is, you got the people pleaser. They’re the “Yes boss, I’ll do this boss, I’ll do that, no problem.” Even though they’re dying inside they’ll keep saying yes to things that they know they shouldn’t be saying yes to and it’s kind of rooted in this, “Please, just like me, I just want you to like me, so I’ll do whatever it takes” type thing. So you got the people pleaser.

Then you had the fishers. You got the fishers out there. These are the photo instagram people, you know. They only take pictures of their life; they put the perfect filters on it like everything is fine and dandy in their life. You can’t even tell if they’re real or not you know. You got these kind of thing, and what they’re doing, they’re constantly looking for approval. They’re constantly looking for approval. You can tell you’re talking to a fisher if every conversation you have with them somehow leads back to them. Like every conversation you have, it always leads back to them. Like for example, you know, you may be like someone who said, “Man, yeah, I had a great loss, my grandma passed away.” And then if you’re talking to a fisher they’ll say, “oh man, that sucks, man. Yeah, I remember, my dog Skippy died. It was tough for me, too.” Like dude grandma and Skippy are two different things. You know so you got the fisher, okay? You got the fishers that’s what they’re trying to do.

And then you got the one uppers. Come on. You got the one uppers. They love to name drop. You know, they name drop. “Oh, you talked to…oh I talked to this person, you know, I’ve met this person,” you know, okay, did you really meet that person? You know, these people are normally loud. They’re just a loud personality. Not vocally loud, they’re just loud, like their hair, and the clothes and all the different things that they do. And they try to come across as very confident. But truthfully, they’re just insecure. Because arrogance is another level of insecurity just in case you didn’t know. These are the people.

I think you know some of these people, and like I said, you may be one of them. I’m one of these people. I’m a people pleaser sometimes, like way too much. And insecurities – here’s the thing – insecurities just don’t make you feel bad. They don’t make you just feel bad about yourself. Insecurities will rob you from the life that God has for you. Insecurities will rob you from the life that God has for you. Insecurities will lead you to make excuses on why you can’t succeed, why you can’t do this. You’ll say things like, “Oh, I would apply for that job, but they would just pick someone else and not me.” “Why should I try to stop that habit? I’ll be there the next day.” You know, “Why should I try? Why should I put myself out there because I know nobody really cares.”

Which leads me to my starting point. My starting point today is this: We do not need more self-confidence. We do not need more self-confidence. I’ll explain what that means in a little bit. But my destination point today is this: We must cultivate God-confidence. We must cultivate God-confidence. We need to develop more confidence in who God is.

Now, I’m not knocking self-help books and things like that. I think those things definitely have their place and they’re definitely good for sure. But there’s a reason why I don’t, I’ll just tell you my experience, there’s a reason why I don’t put confidence in myself. Like there’s a reason why I don’t put confidence in myself. Jeremiah 17:9 gives us a little insight. It says this, “my heart is deceitful.” Like, I can agree with that, you know, isn’t that true sometimes? Sometimes I have thoughts and emotions about things and where did that come from? Why am I thinking or feeling things like that? My heart is deceitful. So that’s one reason why I don’t put confidence in myself. The second thing is Jesus says this. Matthew 26 he says, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” And I can totally agree with that. I constantly do things that I said I won’t do, constantly do things I said I won’t do, and then Paul gives us even a little bit more insight to that about his inconsistency in Romans 7:15. He says, “I don’t really understand myself for what I want to do, but what I want to do what is right I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.” Now, if I can be deceitful. If I’m constantly weak. If I’m constantly inconsistent, should I build my life on myself? Should I build my life on myself? Should I put confidence in myself?

If I’m those three things, you know, just on a practical level, let’s just be practical for a second here. Would you hire someone to do a job for you who is deceitful? Like, would you hire someone to do a job for you who’s deceitful? Would you trust someone to spot you at the gym who’s weak? Nope. You know, would you buy a car that has inconsistent brakes? I don’t think you would, you know, I know I wouldn’t. So for these reasons, those are the reasons why I say I don’t need more self-confidence. I don’t need to put confidence in myself. I’m just too messed up.

See, 1 Corinthians 10:12 in the Message version puts it like this. It says, “Forget about self-confidence, it’s useless. Cultivate God-confidence.”

I love that. It’s like man, I don’t need more self-confidence I need confidence in God, you know. King David, who was constantly a mess up, constantly made mistakes, constantly had issues, he put it like this. He said like this he said, “My heart is confident in you, oh God, my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing your praises.” I love this. He says, My heart is confident in God. I put my confidence in God. Because if God is who He says He is, if he is good, if he is just if he is faithful, if he’s full of love, if he’s full of compassion, if he generously pours out wisdom on us, if he generously pours out love, then why wouldn’t I put my confidence in him? Like why wouldn’t I put my confidence in that if God has never failed? Why wouldn’t I put my confidence in that? Your confidence needs to be built on who God is. Come on, and who God says we are. You need to build your confidence on who God is, and who God says you are.

Life has so much negativity, just spend 30 minutes on social media, just reading every trend, reading all the comments on different news stories, read all different things. I doubt you’ll leave that situation and say, “Man, I just feel so positive. I just feel so refreshed to take on the world after spending my time going through social media today.” I don’t think you will. I think you’ll feel more negative and more cynical and more pessimistic. That’s why I think you see all these pessimistic people that love to post things on Facebook. It’s because they spend too much time on Facebook. They’re not really spending time with the Lord. But that’s a whole other thing.

What I want to do is I want to give you three truths. I wanna give you three truths to build your confidence and the reason why I use the word truth is because when dealing with insecurities you have believed a lie that you have lived out as truth. There’s people who go their entire lives living out a lie as if it was true. You know, they will say things like, “Oh, I just have a short fuse and you know, I’m easily angry.” You’re not an angry person. Stop that. Stop saying that about, stop claiming that over yourself. There are people that are like, “Oh, I’m not the athletic type, you know.” No you can you can walk, you can jog, you can move. Don’t say you’re not that. No, don’t make excuses because you love the Doritos so much. Trust me. I love my doritos. You know people say, “Oh, I’m not made for that.” Stop it. Stop speaking those lies over yourself. Stop speaking it.

There’s a truth. There’s three truths I want you to build your life on. Because you are made for more. You’re made for more than what your biggest mistakes are trying to tell you. You’re made for more than what those lies are trying to say about you. We need truths in our lives to combat these lies that we believed for way too long. And we we have allowed negativity to come into our lives. And when tough situations happen, that negativity pushes on those insecurity buttons in our lives. And enough is enough. We can’t keep living like that.

For me the reason why I went back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree last fall, I just did it, wasn’t because I felt like I needed more education. I felt like professionally I was in a good spot. The reason why I did it, you know, because I already had a two year leadership degree from Vineyard Institute. The reason why I went back to school was because I had to combat the lie in my life that I believed for so long that I was dumb. I had to combat, I had to get at it. It was blocking me. It was keeping me away from God’s best for my life. So me going back to school was to combat that lie. And guess what? Through the Holy Spirit, I was able to overcome that. And I want to encourage you today, I believe today you can leave today as a victor, not a victim. I believe you can leave today with confidence and living out a positive life.

Romans 12:2 says this, “do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Did you know that there is transformation for your life. There’s not just behavior modification, but God will transform your life. You can be like one of those robots. That was weird. I don’t know why I said that. Okay. Here you go.

It says, “then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good, pleasing, and perfect will.” So let’s pause and think about what you think about and let’s apply these truths to our lives.

Truth number one is this. My God is always for me. My God is always for me. We can place our confidence in God because God is always for me, God is always for you. You may have grown up in a faith-based household or whatever that maybe understood that God as having a lot of rules and restrictions and God being mad all the time. He’s just some angry old dude on the porch yelling at people like you may have grown up kind of having that concept of God. That God’s always out to get you. Or maybe you didn’t even grow up in a church background, but that was your perception of God, that he’s mad and judgmental and all these things and he’s always trying to catch you doing something wrong. I think many people live with the perspective that God is always out to shame them, that God’s always out to shame you. And that could be the farthest thing from the nature of God – what we see in Scripture. God is not out to shame you.

God wants to make you shine. God is not out the shame. God wants to make you shine. God wants to make you shine. Parents: Let me just talk to some parents out here and you can listen, too, because I think you’ll understand. Parents, are you waiting at the edge of your seat to catch your kid doing something wrong, so you can shame them? No! If you are that’s considered abuse. That’s an abusive behavior. Good parents look for ways to praise their kids. Because you are in love with your kid and you want them to shine. You want them to shine. God is in love with his kids and we’re his kids. God’s in love with us. He delights in us. Any parent out there would say their biggest desire for their kid is that they will grow up and have a life that’s filled with peace and joy and success and being steady, not filled with hurt and shame and heartbreak and insecurity. God desires to provide that kind of peace. And that kind of life for you. See, your life has challenges. Your life has difficulty. Your life has things that happen, and it makes you feel like, man, somebody is against me. I feel like someone is against me at times.

But the Apostle Paul says this, “What then shall we say in response to these things?” In responce to difficulties, in response to challenges, in response to feeling like things are coming after us. “If God is for us, who can be against this?” I love it. If God is for us, who is going to be against us? Another way you can put it is since God is for me, who is going to be against me?

And that’s the way I like to read that verse. Hey, I may have some problems. But guess what? God is still for me. I may have some issues, but God is still involved in my life. I may have some insecurities, but I will put my confidence in God because He hasn’t failed yet.

I want you to get this. I want you to get this because it’s easy to blame people and say this person did that to me. And these people did that to me and the economy’s this and bla bla bla that and a bla bla bla bla and all this. It’s easy to blame. It’s easy to blame, but here’s the thing, you can’t control what other people say or do. You can’t do it. But what you can control is this. You can’t control yourself.

So if God is for you, don’t be against you. Don’t be against yourself. Don’t be against yourself. I can’t control negative, sarcastic, pessimistic people, but I can control myself and I can choose what I believe. I can choose to believe in God, and God is for me, and God loves to make me shine.

So recently in the Gaines household, we’ve tackled potty training, you know, not me personally, you know what I’m saying. My kid. I have a two year old. We’ve tackled potty training this past week. And the funniest thing about potty training as a parent is how pumped you get. You know like how pumped Erin and I get when Kingsley uses the potty. We’re like, “yeah, this is the best thing ever.” We’re celebrating, we’re dancing, you know. I’ve been trying to do the floss. Okay, nevermind. So every time Kingsley successfully uses the potty, her little potty plays this like, victory tune. And she gets hype, and then Erin and I cheer on Kingsley. And you can see in Kingsley’s face, she knows how proud we are of her. She just has this in her face. You can see this love and this excitement and that she’s doing something right. You know, this is gonna be a little weird, but I want you to get this friends. I want you to see this. I think some of you will get pumped about getting the crap out of your life if you knew how much God actually celebrated you, how much God is actually proud of you, how much God actually approves and accepts you. I think you would get more pumped about living life if you knew that God was cheering you on, and he’s not mad at you. And I want you to know today. He is cheering you on. He’s excited for you. He’s pumped for you.

You don’t have to live your life chasing the approval of God or people; live your life from a place of approval from God.

See you if you want to climb out of debt, guess what? God’s for you. If you want to start a new dream, God’s for you. If you want a better marriage, God is for you. If you want healing in your life, God is for you. If you want to start a new career, if you want to do something radical, God is for you. You don’t have to chase the approval of God, he is for you.

So if God is for you, that leads me to the second truth. My second truth is this: My God always helps me. My God always helps me. He says, God is for you. God is there to help you. Hebrews 13:5 puts it this way, “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have. Because God has said, ‘Never will I leave you never will I forsake you.’ So we say with confidence” – I love it – “so we say with confidence, The Lord is my helper.” Right now in the comments this say The Lord is my helper. Just drop that comment below. You got to start saying it. Say “The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals” or negative pessimistic people on Facebook “do to me?”

Since God is my helper, since God is for you. Here’s the question Where do you still feel unsure? What area do you need help? What insecurity is still getting the best of you? And you would use words like it’s paralyzing. Or you would use a phrase like I feel like there’s a weight on my chest, and I can’t get up. Where do you need help from the Lord?

Now, if you ever been into weightlifting and if you ever plan on doing heavier weights, you wouldn’t really want to do it by yourself because it would be dangerous, because you don’t even know if you’ll be able to lift it. But what you would do is you’ll go to the gym with someone or ask someone at the gym to spot you. You get a spotter to get you, so when you’re trying to do some heavy weights, you’ll get a spotter. And so for me, I rarely do free weight bench pressing by myself because I always think the bar is gonna fall on me, I probably watch too many movies or something like that. And I’m going to feel like I can’t get up and I’m going to be that guy in the gym, “Help!” you know “Help! It’s heavy.” And I don’t want that to happen to me.

But if I have a spotter, if someone’s there to spot me, my confidence goes way up. It goes through the roof, and I do more weight, you know, with that spotter than I ever thought.

See, I want you to know this. This is how the Holy Spirit plays in our life. The Holy Spirit is our everyday life spotter. He comes in he spots us. By yourself, life has weight and it feels too hard to lift. With the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit will bring you confidence to help you in your time of need. Psalm 46:1 says this, “God is our refuge and strength. Always ready to help times of trouble.” See, God is always ready to help. God’s always ready to spot you. You are not alone. See here in the Vineyard, we use this phrase, we say “come Holy Spirit,” we say “come Holy Spirit” and we invite the Holy Spirit to be a part of everything that we do. And this is a simple prayer with a lot of power.

So if you’re struggling, if you’re struggling at work, “come Holy Spirit.” If you’re struggling adjusting to home life right now, “come Holy Spirit.” If you’re having a hard time with your social life, maybe you’re a high extrovert, “come Holy Spirit.” He will be there.

Friends, you can place your confidence in God because He comes in your time of need. He’s an ever present everpresentGod. So God is for you, cheering you on, if God is your help in your times of need, the third truth in order to cultivate God-confidence in our lives is this: God is still working in me. God is still working in me.

You don’t have to be perfect, friends. You don’t have to be perfect to belong. See, one of the problems that we have with self-confidence is that a lot of times we measure our self-confidence on someone else’s confidence; on what someone else is doing; on what someone else has, or what someone else has got. And if we’re always basing our confidence on the success or opinions of others, we’ll always find ourselves empty, we’ll always find ourselves searching for something that we can’t quite find.

So here’s the thing with Jesus, he does not expect you to be perfect. He does not expect you to be perfect. But he does say this though. He does say something that’s kind of crazy and I want to read it to you real fast. In Matthew 5:48. Jesus says this, he says “be perfect.” What? He says “be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

Wait a second here, wait a second, wait a second, “be perfect”? Like God? is what is Jesus is saying? Now I want you to see what Jesus does here. Because it’s very clever. It’s very powerful. Before he’s saying this, before Jesus says, “be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect,” this is what he does. Jesus lays out 10 ways for us to have godly character. He tells us that we’re the salt and light to the world, then he says, don’t be angry, but have forgiveness. Then he says to us, don’t commit an act of adultery. But actually, even if you lust after someone in your heart, married or not married, you’ve committed adultery. Then from there, he says, “Hey, stick to your commitments, don’t keep backing out of things.” Don’t be inconsistent. Then he says, “Don’t go an eye for an eye, actually pray for people that persecute you. Pray for people that drive you crazy.” This is what Jesus tells us to do right here. And at the end of Matthew 5, he just says, be perfect. He says be perfect. And you may be like, I can’t do all of that, you know, I don’t know how to do all that. And Jesus would say, “exactly. Exactly.” It’s too hard to be perfect. It’s too hard to try to put confidence in yourself. He will say you can’t.

But God can. And God did. And Jesus says, “Come to me, and I’ll give you rest for your soul.” He said, “Take my yoke. Take my burden.” See Jesus lived the life we couldn’t, he died a death we deserved, but three days later rose from the grave. I can place my confidence in Jesus, because Jesus did what I could not. And he’s working on me in the process. So friends, you can place your confidence in Jesus, because he did what you couldn’t and when he sees your mistakes, when he sees your shortcomings, when he sees your insecurities, he says to you, “Hey, you got this because I did it and I’m for you. I’m with you.”

See, I think we mess up things all the time, don’t we? We make mistakes all the time. And when we do, God is not out there to cancel us or get rid of us. Instead, God wants to use the mistake that we made to grow us to the person that he desires us to be. Like I said, I know I’m a pastor and I think sometimes people think I’m like, you know the super-Christian guy, I guess, like I have a cell phone – bloop – and I call directly to God; you can talk to God just as well as I can talk to God. Even better, probably. But the truth is, I’m still a big work in progress.

I’m still a big work in progress, believe it or not, I have a bad temper. I have a bad temper. If you know me now, if you just met me recently, you’re probably thinking, “what Jacob has a temper? I wouldn’t really believe that.” But even less than five years ago, you would label me as someone that probably had a short fuse, someone that snapped off too fast. And the reason why I can control myself better now and have more peace is because of God. It’s because leaning more into God and allowing God to work in me, but I still mess up. I still make mistakes.

Even the other day. We bought this big kiddie pool for Kingsley, and we already had it filled up with water and stuff like that. And Erin was wanting to move it the next time we were going to use it. And the problem was where the drain thing was and how it was on the ground, the water wasn’t coming out. And you know, and it was a big problem. There’s a lot of water in there. And I couldn’t move; I couldn’t lift it and move it and try to get water out and all this stuff. And so I kept telling Erin, “Hey, we got people coming over tomorrow, we’ll just move it the next day. Let’s do it tomorrow. I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough to do it.” And then Erin kept trying to come up with different ways that we can do it and different things. And it just made me so mad. And I probably was stressed out about other things, but it made me so mad and I started yelling, and I hate when I yell, you know, especially when I yell in front of Kingsley and then I stormed off, and in all my way of storming off I kicked a couple things, threw some things. And by the time, you know, I got into house and in my room. I’m standing there thinking to myself, I can’t believe I got that mad over something like that. I feel like I messed up. I’m now more mad about the fact that I got mad than the thing I was mad at, you know, and I felt like I blew it. I felt like I messed up and I thought I was done with getting upset like that. See if I put confidence in myself, negativity would love to tell me. Yeah, you’ll always be a mess up. Yeah, you’ll keep doing that again. And that’s that’s how you’ll always be for the rest of your life. You’ll keep being like that.”

But when I when I cultivate God-confidence. When I put confidence in God, Jesus says, “Hey, just come to me. Just come. You messed up but come to me. Come and learn my ways. I’m not done with you.” And so what I do, of course, I went and I apologized to Erin and Kingsley, of course. That’s because I have confidence in God, and God is working on me. So I want you to know today, if you have doubt, God’s not done with you. If you have issues that keep coming up, God’s not done with you, if you have that nagging habit that you thought you got rid of, but it came back again, God’s not done with you. If you’re consistently settling for less, God is not done with you.

I’m telling you today. God is not done. God has something for you. Don’t believe the lie that you can’t do this or you will never be that but start believing these truths that God has for you; that God is your help; that God is still working on you; that God is for you because you have something to bring to the table.

See you are enough for God and you can stay positive when negativity, when trials and troubles come at you. When you know that your confidence comes from a loving God who is for you. From a heavenly Father that’s there to help you and from a God that is working in you, no matter what happens, man God is good.

Pray with me church. God, I thank you so much that you work in us and you’re still working in us. When we have problems when we have insecurities when we have fears, you are still working. Even right now as I was talking, insecurities are coming up to the surface you know those insecurities, you know those struggles, and I’m gonna tell you this: insecurities will completely destroy your purpose if you allow it. And I think the Holy Spirit is saying no, that insecurity will not destroy your purpose. Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Wherever you are, with eyes closed and your head bowed, you can just start saying, you can say it out loud or you can say it in your heart, I want you to start declaring, that insecurity, I want you to say, “God, you have this,” whatever “that” is, insert that there and say, “God, I give you this.” I give you this insecurity. I give you this fear. And then I want you to receive and say, “Holy Spirit, I receive your best. Holy Spirit I receive what you have for me.” Yeah, I feel like the Holy Spirit’s working on some people right now.

This is your chance to be freed from insecurity. You got this. Because Jesus did what we couldn’t and he died for us and rose from the grave. Put your confidence in him. Maybe you’re watching right now and you don’t know this Jesus I’m talking about but you want to make a decision to trust Jesus with your life. It’s a simple prayer said with faith. So if that’s you, if you want to put your trust in Jesus, I want you to repeat this prayer with me wherever you are to say, “Jesus, forgive me for my mistakes. Make me new. Today I trust in You. Today I follow you. Today I put my hope in you.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.