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First Things First

Jan 07, 2024

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Have you ever considered the impact of giving your day a spiritual head start? That's precisely what we're exploring in our Pray First series. As we step into this journey together, we're thrilled to share how to dive deeper into consistent prayer life. Join us as we discuss the tools and support available, like morning prayers on Google Meet and the Pray First app, to revolutionize not just our prayer lives, but our entire approach to daily living.

The heart of our discussions lies in the art of prioritization—placing God at the epicenter of our existence. We revisit stories from the Bible, from the creation narrative to Cain and Abel, to illustrate the profound blessings that unfold when we lead with spirituality. It's a call to action, urging us to transcend the ordinary and reach for the abundance that lies in a life woven with divine intentionality. Throughout the message, Jacob shares insights on how this 'pray first' model can set a tone that ripples positively through every aspect of our being, from the moment we rise to the instances we need strength most.

Finally, we address the transformative effects of entrusting every facet of our lives to God. Tithing, a symbolic act of financial faith, becomes a gateway to discussing the deeper trust we place in moments of vulnerability and uncertainty. It's not just about financial obedience but about shaping our identity through faith, especially as we navigate the tumultuous waters of mental health. By fostering a community brimming with hope, we underscore the importance of our relationship with Jesus and the power of a healing prayer. So, let's embark on this path to unlocking a life of peace and purpose, together.