Don’t Give Up | Greater Reward

Sometimes we can feel out of control in our lives. After 2020, it’s safe to say that now more than ever, we need a fresh start.
You could do what you’ve always done. Choose what you want now over what you want most. But there’s a Greater Reward waiting for you. Discover how to let go of the status quo and stay focused on who God says you are and what He wants for your life.
In this message from our series, Greater Reward, Pastor Jacob encourages us to not give up in the tough times. He teaches about the law of reaping and sowing. This is summed up in three points: you reap what you sow, you reap more than you sow, and you reap after you sow. Because we reap after we sow, we should not give up even when it seems like the little things we’re doing don’t matter. The reaping comes in another season!

You can watch Don’t Give Up in the video below, or scroll down further to listen to it on podcast.

City Lights Church is a contemporary Christian church located in the northwestern part of Richmond, VA and is a part of the Vineyard USA network and an ARC family member.

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