This week, we take a break from our Stay Positive series to address systemic racism in the US and what we can do to eliminate it.

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Hey everyone, welcome to City Lights. My name is Jacob and I am on the team here. Now before I get into my topic today, I have to stop and say happy birthday to my beautiful wife, Erin, I love you beyond words. You are my strength. You make me stronger. You make me a better person. I cannot imagine my life without you. The way you love people, the way you love our daughter, Kingsley, inspires me to become a better man. So I just love you so much. And I wanted to take this time and tell you happy birthday today and I just absolutely love you. There you go. Leave a comment to Erin and say happy birthday to her because she is absolutely wonderful. All right. All right. I love you. I’m crazy about you, babe. So I had to do that, obviously, because I love my wife.

Today, we are also going to take a pause on our message series, Stay Positive. Okay, so we’ve been in a series about positivity in the face of negativity and we will pick it back up next week. I want to pause in light of the tragic deaths that we’ve seen in our nation, in light of the the protests and all the other hurt that our nation is experiencing, and I wanted to speak on racism and I want to share my heart as a church about the kind of local church that we want to be. We want to be a diverse community. And I also want to highlight what I believe through the Bible is our responsibility as Jesus followers when addressing these kind of issues, okay?

So here you go, I don’t normally do this. See my heart is to see people who are far from God come near to God. And that’s my life’s mission. But for this message, if you are not a Jesus follower, if you’re not someone who considers yourself a person following Jesus, committed their life to Jesus, this message isn’t really for you. I encourage you to listen to it, I think it will help you, but I am directly talking to Jesus followers today. So if you are someone who is a Jesus follower, this message is for you today. Okay?

So there’s this verse in the Old Testament, actually, that I think does a great job at communicating what Jesus followers need to do in this time. Check this out, in Micah 6:8 it says this, “the Lord God has told us what is right and what he demands.” Here it goes, “see that justice is done. Let mercy be your first concern and humbly obey your God.” Now, I want us, as a local church family, to focus on these things. I want us to act justly, love mercy, walk humbly, and be united as one. So when the world looks on us, when the world is struggling, when the world is in pain, when the world is confused, when the world wants to cancel everybody and cause more division, that the world can look at our local church and see how Jesus followers respond to issues and see that Jesus followers love each other. See, Paul says this, the Apostle Paul says we are all a part of the body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12:26 says, “if one part suffers, every part suffers with it. If one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.” So if there’s one part of the body of Christ that is in pain, that hurts, guess what? We all hurt.

So for example, I’ve been doing Sean T’s T-25 workout, okay? It’s his Insanity workouts. Now I have very flat feet. I don’t know if you really care to know that but I do have very flat feet. So they say when you do this Insanity workout to make sure you have cross training shoes, especially if you have flat feet because it will definitely help you. So when I first started doing this, I didn’t have those shoes, I only had my running shoes. So I’m doing this workout in these kinds of shoes. And because of that, man, like my feet are in terrible pain. Like, even right now standing right here, my feet are in terrible pain because I did this workout with the not proper shoes. Now, here’s the thing when I wake up in the morning, and I go down the stairs, my feet hurt so bad. And guess what? My whole body hurts because my feet hurt. So it’s not just like, “Oh, my feet hurt, and everything was fine with me.” Like I’m in pain because of that.

I think that’s how the body of Christ is. If one person is hurting, and one people group is, or if one community is hurting, we all hurt as the body of Christ. You know, as Jesus followers, we all hurt. And as we know, there’s a whole lot of people who are hurting right now, specifically those in the black community who are in tremendous pain. They’re hurting. So as a body of Christ, we all hurt together. It’s not like “oh, they’re hurting over there, but we’re good.” No, we all hurt. Remember, I’m talking to Jesus followers here I’m not talking to people who are not Jesus followers. I hope you listen and you’re encouraged if you’re not someone who considers yourself a follower of Jesus. But as Jesus followers, as the body of Christ, if one hurts, we all hurt.

Let’s continue. Romans 12:15 puts it this way, “rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn.” This is Paul talking again. The rejoicing part comes easy though. Like, if you see someone getting engaged, you’re so happy for them. You know, if you see someone announce that they’re having a baby, you’re so happy for them. We rejoice with them. But scripture also tells us to mourn with those who mourning. Now, I want to ask you to pause and to grieve with those who are grieving. I want you to pause and to grieve with those who are grieving, to mourn with those who are mourning.

Now if you are a Jesus follower, I’m going to be honest today. If you’re a Jesus follower, this is not your time to protect your political preference. This is not the time for that. This is not your time to do that. See at our local church, I hope it’s filled with people who are Republicans. I hope it’s filled people who consider themselves Democrats. I hope it’s filled with people that have different views. That’s okay with me. See the world would tell you if you have a different view, if you have a different philosophy, you’ve got to be at odds with each other. But as Jesus followers, we can have different views, yet we are still as a body going after the heart of God. We’re still pursuing Jesus. We’re still getting caught up in the grace of Jesus. We’re about justice. We’re about hope to our world. We’re walking towards Jesus. And our main goal is not to become a political person. Our main goal is to become a Jesus follower and be a proper reflection of Jesus to our world.

See my life, whether I work as a pastor or if I work in Disney World, wherever I work, my life goal is to help those who are far from God, come near to God. That is my life goal. I’m not a complicated person. My life mission is to help those who are far from God, come close to God. And that life mission comes from my understanding of the life and the teachings of Jesus. This is what we see Jesus do with his life. He brought those who are far from God, to come near to God. And in the process, we have to pause and grieve with those who are grieving. Those who are in pain, those who are having a hard time, so I’m going to ask you white, black, brown or whoever will you join me? Will you join me and make a real difference? Make a lasting difference with your life?

Now, here’s the thing: I know most of you, I know most of you want to make a difference. I know most of you care. And, kind of even like me a couple weeks ago, like I shared, I didn’t even know where to start, like, where do I start? We see all this stuff on the news. How do I even start to make an impact? So I want to do some straight talk here. I want us to be honest. Remember, my whole thing here at City Lights is we want to bring our whole selves to church, you know, we want to be authentic and authentically express ourselves to the Lord. We don’t have to hide, cover, or pretend like we got our happy Christian face going on. We want to bring our whole selves to Jesus. So if you’re anything like me, whenever you hear about or read about injustice in the world, it’s easy to feel sad. It’s easy to look at it and feel sad and be bothered. And then the next moment go about your day. And the next moment go about whatever you have planned, to go about your normal life. Like me, I’m gonna be honest, like me, sometimes I’ll see something on the news or on social media, whatever, and it will be something really bad. And I’ll say things and I’ll have this internal dialogue, I’ll say, “Man, that’s really unfortunate. I can’t believe that happened. That’s terrible. I’m sad that happen to them. I’m sad that happened to them.” And you’re genuinely sad about it, but because the way our world is set up, and even our human nature, we feel sad. But then we just do something else. And it doesn’t move us into action, it doesn’t move us towards pursuing justice. We just feel sad about it. And I think the events that are happening in our world today isn’t enough just to be sad. Like sad is good, but sad is not it.

See, the first time I saw the video of George Floyd’s death I couldn’t believe I was watching a video of a man dying on my smartphone, like I couldn’t believe it. I’m literally sitting on my couch and watching a video of a real person dying on my phone. It wasn’t a TV show. This wasn’t a movie. This was real life. I was speechless. I was broken. Many of you probably felt the same way. He’s begging for mercy. He’s crying out to his mom. Like he’s saying he can’t breathe. And I’m gonna be honest with you. I was angry. I was pissed. Like, I’m looking at the faces of the people. And I’m mad. Like I’m just getting so heated while I was watching it. And honestly, I didn’t even want to believe what I was watching. I wanted to see a justification, I wanted to see something that would communicate that this is not real life, but guess what? It is and it was – it was. So I’m sure like many of you who watched the video or even seen little pieces of it, you were left in shock. You’re shocked. And you probably felt a strong emotion, of sadness, and even rage and anger.

Here’s what I do know. Here’s what I do know. If you see someone attacking someone you love, what do you do? You speak up. You step in. You don’t let an injustice happen. You use your power to step in and stop the injustice. So the reason why two weeks ago I addressed what happened at the beginning of the service was because I just had to say something. I didn’t have the answers. I still don’t have the answers. But I had to say something because this injustice provoked something in me and I had to say something. I was honest. I said, I didn’t know where to start, but I had to get something out. So I think we all can agree that if we see injustice happening to someone you love, you will step in. And here you go, lean in closer to me. I think as brothers and sisters in Christ, it’s time for us to step in. It’s time for us to step in. That’s our brother and sister in Christ. This is not someone on a video somewhere on our phone that we can make a distant connection from. That’s a brother and sister in Christ. And it’s time for us to step in. So I am going to speak a little louder. I want to invite you to join me in seeking justice. Remember, I am committed to the church. And I want to see the church bring justice, I want to see God do something amazing. An ancient Hebrew proverb says this, “whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.” So we may not be able to change the world in a day, but we can try to change the world by changing one local community at a time by addressing one local church at a time.

And so to me, it’s interesting when you talk about justice some people say, “well it’s all the police officers. It’s just the police force. And that’s the problem. They’re completely out of control. That’s the problem.” Others say, “Oh, actually, it’s the protesters and all they do is they riot and they loots and they;re the problem. They don’t have any solutions.” And I would say this, neither one is true. Neither one is true. Don’t be caught up in media. Don’t be caught up in what your social media feed is telling you to try to pick a side and choose one. This is not a police problem. And this is not a protest problem. I know many awesome people who work in law enforcement, and yes, there are bad police officers. Much like there’s bad pastors. There’s hurtful pastors in the world. See, here’s the thing evil never hangs around evil. Evil will always try to invade what is just. Evil will always try to invade what is good. See, to quote Chris Rock if I can: “Some jobs just can’t have a bad apple in the batch. If you are flying American Airlines you wouldn’t be okay if your pilot just happened to be a bad apple pilot. There are some professions you just can’t have a bad apple. You just can’t be not that good.”

Speaking to police officer friends of mine who have gone through police academy, they agree that there is no bias-training and there needs to be that kind of training. So, again, police officers are not the problem. Just like all protesters are not violent.

I was renting a Uhaul the other week to get a pickup truck so we can move our trailers because they were literally putting a hole in the ground. And so when I was at the Uhaul place, the lady at the checkout counter said to me, “Hey, be careful of the protest that’s happening” and then she says, “I get why they’re protesting but I don’t understand why they loot.” So you actually don’t get why they protest.

Our world loves to label and blame and put people against each other. And again, I’m speaking to Jesus followers here. If you’re not Jesus follower go ahead keep blaming, keep getting mad, keep leaving your comments on Facebook like they’re actually making a difference. And just to let you know, your comments are not making a difference to anyone. You know, keep doing it, if you want to. But as Jesus follower, we must go after the real problem. And the problem is, there is evil in our world. There’s evil in our world. And you may say, there needs to be changes. Yes, there do need to be changes, there is systemic racism in our country, and there are systemic issues that are happening. And yes, that conversation can be had and that conversation will be had as a church community. But a man doesn’t drive his knee into the neck of another man for over eight minutes, just because there’s bad police training.

There’s a real evil.

There’s evil in our world. So what I know about most of you, you care. Like me, you care; you want to do something, but you may not know where to start. So here are ways – I want to give you four ways, four ways to help the healing and stop the injustice. And I believe with the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be a local church, that is a part of the healing process and making a real change. So I want to give you four things, the first is this: Admit that racism is real. Admit that racism is real, just because you haven’t experienced racism, just because you haven’t seen it at your front door, doesn’t mean it’s not real. Here’s the bottom line, we can’t be a part of a solution to a problem that we don’t acknowledge exists. We can’t be a part of a solution to a problem that we don’t acknowledge exists or want to make an excuse to pretend like it doesn’t exist. We have to acknowledge that racism exists. And it is real and it is bad, and it is evil, it is not from God. And what this is going to take is cultural humility. So we have to admit that we have certain biases, and we have certain perspectives about other people who do not look like us. And that’s not a fun thing to admit. It’s not a fun thing to explore. But again, as Jesus followers, are you ready to have that kind of hard conversation? We have to acknowledge that racism is real. And yes, we have made so much progress. Yes, we have made so much progress in certain cities and certain areas. But there’s still much more progress to be made.

Now, if you know something is a problem and you’re a parent, what are you gonna do about it? If you know there’s a problem and you’re a parent, what are you going to do about it? You’re going to talk about it in your home, right? You’re gonna talk about it in your home; you’re going to address it. When COVID-19 first happened. What did we do? We talked about it in our homes. We talked about it as a family. We made a new schedule, we made new plans, you know, we made the arrangements that we had to do to work at home, to make sure the kids were good. We talked about it in our home. See, as a youth pastor for many years, I helped parents learn how to talk to their students about different conversations like drugs, how to have conversations about sex, because if there was a problem, they needed to talk about it. Racism is a problem. So what do we need to do? We need to talk about it in our home. So guess what? All of you who are at home and who have kids, it’s your job to talk about it. You’ve got to talk about it. Don’t be afraid to talk about racism and help our children, to help the next generation, to get away from “us-and-them” language. We got to get away from “us” and “them.” It’s not “us” and “them.” It’s us and us. We’re all together, we are all the body of Christ. Scripture tells us we all are the image bearers of God, every person. That’s why sin is so bad because when you sin against a person, you sin against the very image of God. That’s why sin is bad. So once again, I’m talking to Jesus followers here, I’m talking to Jesus followers. If you are a parent and you are a Jesus follower, it is your job to have this difficult conversation with your kid. It is your job.

See, once you admit that there is racism, you can call it what it is. Once you admit it, you can call it what it is. It is wrong, and it is evil. And it breaks the heart of God. It breaks the heart and God. Your goal isn’t to not be racist. Your goal is to be anti-racist. Your goal is not to be not racist, your goal is to be anti-racist. So what do I mean by that? If you’re watching, I’m sure most, hopefully, everyone who’s watching today is anti-child abuse. I imagine you’re anti-child abuse or your anti-spousal abuse. So if you were just not a child abuser, like if that was you, “oh I’m just not a child abuser, I’m not anti child abuse, I’m just not a child abuser.” If you were not a child abuser, if you saw a child being abused, you wouldn’t take action because you would just say something like, “Well, I’m not an abuser. I’m not an abuser.” Or if you saw a child being abused, you may say, “Man, that sucks that kid is being abused. But I’ll wait for the facts before I intervene because that child may deserve what he has happened to him.” See, but if you were anti-child abuse, you wouldn’t allow any form of abuse to happen on your watch. You would teach your children how wrong it is. And if they knew a friend at school, if a friend in the community was being hurt, that they should come and tell an adult.

See we must become anti-racist. You must become anti-racist. So what does that mean? What does it mean to be anti-racist? You know, those little jokes that we make; those little jokes, those harmless jokes, they’ve got to stop. They’ve got to stop because they’re not funny. They’ve got to stop. See, when we see a black person who talks and has a great education, we can’t just make a joke and ays, “Oh, you don’t talk black.” What does that mean? Like we have to stop those little things. Because yes, I agree you may not be extremely racist, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own biases, our own perceptions, our own perspectives. I’m telling you, anything that hurts the image of God hurts God.

So ee must be anti-racist. We’ve got to stop it; we’ve got to make a decision and say enough is enough and, as Jesus followers, here’s the best part, you can start with your kids. You can start with your kids; you can start with your friends; you can be the one that shuts down those comments.

So the first thing is admit racism is real, the second thing is listen, we must listen. We can ask questions and listen to people who do not look or act like us. Get to know someone’s story and don’t just have black friends so we can say we have black friends. That’s good, but get in close proximity with people who are not like you. Get close to people who are not like you. Again, as Jesus followers, we are one body. See your back needs yoor right hand when your back’s itching, right? You got to come together. So you may be uncomfortable to listen to someone else’s story. And it may be uncomfortable to ask some of those tough questions. But the only way to become someone’s real ally is to really know them, is to know them. Some of the most powerful moments in life happen outside of your relational comfort zone. Some of the most powerful moments in your life happen outside your relational comfort zone.

We see this in the life of Jesus. He did this regularly. Talked to people who weren’t like him. Just care enough to go there; care enough to ask; care enough to feel someone else’s pain. So first, we gotta admit that racism is real. Second thing we got to listen to someone who is hurt. The third thing, pray. We must pray. You may say, “Oh, we’ve got to act.” Yes, we’ve got to act, but you don’t want to act before you pray. You’ve got to pray first and then act. Prayer is powerful. So with that being said on Wednesday, June 17, at 8pm, we are going to do a short, 15-minute prayer and communion service online. I want to lead us through communion. And I want us to pray about this topic that I’m bringing up because I think it’s so important, and we’re going to take communion together, again, because we are the body of Christ. Okay? So it will be a time to lift up our nation, to lift up our local communities, and pray about justice and unity.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says this, “if my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and heal their land.” See, I know that verse is an Old Testament verse but it has a lot to do with what Jesus talked about. Jesus told us to go and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus commissioned us to bring healing to our land. See God wants to heal our land. We cannot do this alone. You’re crazy to think that that we can stop the evil of racism on our own merit by ourselves. We need help from heaven to stop this. We need God to come in and intervene on our behalf and be his chosen instruments to do this. See, during this communion, we need to pray for George Floyd’s family, we need to pray for our leaders, pray for justice, pray for compassion. Pray for those who suffer injustice. We’ve got to pray for those who protect us, pray for God to use our voice, to use your voice. Pray for God to give you opportunity to love people who are not like you; pray that this world would be a reflection of heaven as God’s kingdom invades our present reality. See, we got to pray for unity. See, if Jesus prayed for unity, then we should pray for unity. John 17 says this, this is Jesus talking, “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me, and I am in you, may they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me – I in them in you and me, so that they may be brought to complete unity, then [and only then] the world will know that You sent me and have loved them, even as you have loved me.”

See, when the church is unified, when the church is together when the church is focused on justice, focused on the heart of God, the world will see it. If Jesus prayed for unity, so will we. So will we. So will we pursue unity. So will we go after unity, so will we bring up our biases and our perspectives, and we’ll bring them to the feet of God because we’re Jesus followers first. We’re not Republicans, we’re not Democrats. We’re Jesus followers. So we will bring those things to the feet of God and say, “God, any way in me that is wicked, any way in me that is not what you desire, search me Lord and know my heart.”

He brings life transformation. So what if our church got it, right? So what if our local church was known for having a diverse community? I remember when I first told people that God had called Erin and I to plant in Short Pump, Virginia, and we will have a diverse church, people looked at me like I was crazy. I thought I was crazy. People would tell me, you aren’t going to have a diverse church in that area. There were even people that tried to plot me out of planting in Short Pump. But what did we see when we when we first launched and we were meeting in person? We saw and we still are seeing in the Short Pump area, our church attendance representing a diverse group of people coming together. I mean, we could have a republican church, we could have a democrat church, and here’s the truth: Our numbers would probably grow way faster if we did. They’d probably grow way faster if we did that. But that’s not the church that God has put in my heart. That’s not the church that I want to pastor. So I’d rather be a small church with a diverse community that is changing the world than a large church with a bunch of agreeable people. See, here in this local church, we will focus on the next generation, we will bring Jesus’ values to the next generation, we will be known by the way we love people. It’s easy to love people who love you, even the Pharisees can do that.

But will you love those who are not like you?

See, we do not fight against flesh and blood, but there’s dark forces in the spiritual realm. See, prayer is not our last line of defense. Prayer is our first line of offense. And I believe that prayer changes things. It changes the environment. So you must admit racism is real, you must listen to those who are in pain, we must pray first, snd the fourth and the last thing I will leave you with is this: We must love.

We must love and how do we love? We love recklessly, boldly, generously, unconditionally, bravely. If someone makes a racist joke, and it may be a “harmless” joke, it’s not harmless. We shut it down. We don’t want to embarrass people, we can pull people to the side and say, “hey, that’s not cool.” But we’re going to shut it down. You can stand in unity with people. Again, it’s kind of like the the “Black Lives Matter” statement. You know, some people get so upset about the statement – and i’m talking about a phrase here; I’m talking about a statement – Black Lives Matter. Okay? I’m talking about a statement here, a phrase. Here’s the thing. It’s not just a statement. It’s true. And it’s Jesus. Because black lives do matter to Jesus. People will push away and say “all lives matter.” And yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, of course. Of course, all lives matter. The life of unborn people matter. But sometimes you have to be intentional. See, I have six nieces and nephews and I have one daughter. And if one of the seven of them were being mistreated or hurt, I wouldn’t walk up to the one and say, “Hey, hey, I love all my nieces and nephews. I love them all. They all matter to me.” Well one’s being hurt. “Yeah, but they all matter to me.” But one’s being bullied. I wouldn’t say that. I don’t think you would either. We’ll look at the one who’s being hurt. We’ll look at the one who’s in pain. We’ll talk to that one. We’ll help that one. Because if that one is hurt, we’re all hurt. Because I love the individual, just as much as I love the whole. So sometimes you got to say Black Lives Matter. You got to say it. And if it bothers you, I would love to talk with you about it. I’m not here to push you out. I’m not here to say, “oh you get get right or leave!” No, I want to talk about it. Again, we want to have conversation. I want to talk to you about it. All lives matter of course. Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter.

So we’ve got to love. We have to love. Speak directly into someone else’s pain, with the same love we received from God. Proverbs 10:12 says this, “hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers all wrongs.” Conquers all. So if you see a lot of conflict on your Facebook feed, I doubt is filled with love. Just to let you know.

Love covers sin. Love drives out fear. Isn’t there enough fear in our world? Isn’t there enough fear going on? Love drives it out. And how do you love? Like Jesus loved you. I don’t know about you, but I’ve done so many wrongs in my life. I made so many mistakes. I used to have so many regrets, yet Jesus still loves me.

So church, what are we going to do? Racism is wrong. You have to admit it. Listen to people and hear their story. We’ve got to pray. We’ve got to love. You don’t have to understand someone’s hurt to hurt with somebody. We’re going to love boldly.

Here’s the thing. We just got started. See, real impact, there can be impact made now, but the real impact is going to be made a month, two months from now. And I’m committed to that. I’m committed to making a change. This message is a very, very, very, very, very, very, very small start. But it’s a start. And we have so much to do. So we will act justly. We will love mercy. Walk humbly under the banner of Jesus who did what? Live the life we couldn’t. He died the death we deserved. Three days later, he rose from the grave, and now he sits at the right hand of God interceding on our behalf. So the only true solution is Jesus. Jesus is the solution. Jesus is the hope and Jesus will use our local church to bring hope to the world.

Bow your heads with me; let’s pray.

God, this is tough; this is hard. That’s why we come to you. That’s why we go after you. Help us, Lord, to be better reflections of You, Jesus. Help us, Lord, to pursue you. Maybe the message I talked about, the four points I made, maybe some of those were really challenging for you to hear. I even feel like the Holy Spirit saying God hsd not come to condemn. John 3:17, he has not come to condemn the world but to save the world through his son. If you feel condemnation that is not from the Holy Spirit. That is not God. God does not condemn. Don’t buy into that condemnation. The Holy Spirit will bring conviction but not condemnation.

So what you may be feeling is a level of conviction, and conviction means I need to respond. I have to respond to what I feel in my heart. Maybe it’s the jokes I talked about, maybe it’s those biased thoughts, or even the little jabs, from the smallest thinking, “oh, black people can’t swim” or whatever, whatever it is. Those things are not good for your soul. And God is bringing conviction because he wants to bring healing. He wants to bring healing to you, to bring healing to you.

So, come Holy Spirit. Bring healing right now, bring peace right now. Help us to move, to listen, to pray, to love. We need you. We need you.

God we pray for our nation. We pray for those who are hurting. God bring peace.

You may be watching right now, and I know I addressed this message to Jesus followers, but maybe you are not a Jesus follower, but you’ve heard the commission of a Jesus follower and you said “I want that kind of life. I want that kind of life.” If you never made a decision to trust Jesus with your life, right where you are, I want you to pray this prayer with me. I want you to say, “Jesus, forgive me for my mistakes. Make me new. Today I follow you. Today I trust you with my life in Jesus name, Amen.”

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