Peace is Possible | An Intentional Christmas

Christmas seems to always be about happiness, joy, good tidings of great joy, and wonderful memories. And all that is true, but sometimes disappointments even happen during the most wonderful time of the year. We can’t really appreciate the good things about Christmas until we understand the disappointments that come with it. Christmas is a difficult time of year for many people for many different reasons, but in and through Jesus we know peace is possible. Let’s talk about actual peace in this divisive world. First, we’ll learn what it is. Then we’ll learn how to apply it to our lives by fixing our minds on Jesus.

If you’re looking for some real peace in a crazy world, you do not want to miss this message from Pastor Jacob!

You can watch Peace is Possible in the video below, or scroll down further to listen to it on podcast.

City Lights Church is a contemporary Christian church located in the northwestern part of Richmond, VA and is a part of the Vineyard USA network and an ARC family member.

We hope you enjoy this week’s message